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March / April 2020

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March / April 2020

During these past few weeks, much of our normal lives has been put on pause. One thing that won’t change moving forward, however, is Techgen Media’s coverage of the metalworking industry. So, please enjoy this latest issue of Shop Floor Lasers, which is now live. In the issue, we take a look at how the technology embedded in a laser machine is keeping up with increasingly higher power levels. A high-power fiber laser can have a huge impact on business, but it has to cut reliably as well as fast. Additionally, we carry on with that mindset in a Q&A article that discusses new laser cutting technologies on the cutting edge of innovation, such as beam control.

We also include an article on punch-laser combination machines that help improve a shop’s flexibility and overall efficiency. This technology is for fabricators looking to keep ahead of what their customers demand. Finally, learn about how one Japanese machine manufacturer maintains its company’s company culture to keep its employees connected. A company that has been in business for more than a century has a lot of insight.

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Optomec introduces laser deposition head

Optomec Inc.’s LDH 3.X laser deposition head has a variable optics system that can create three discreet focused spot sizes to accommodate changes in laser power.  The head supports a range of laser powers from 500 W to 3 kW to ensure optimal DED processing across a range of parts and applications. The range of… Continued

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