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July / August 2019

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July / August 2019

The team at Shop Floor Lasers is proud to announce that the July/August issue is now live. For the cover article, we got the chance to speak to a fabricator out of Texas that just recently invested in a new fiber laser. The advantages the company has seen since its introduction have been impressive, and we’re excited to share the story.

The July/August issue follows that theme by focusing on the considerations involved with the investment in fiber laser technology. We featured an article on the differences between CO2 and fiber and another on the built-in automation in an entry-level machine.

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Rofin-Sinar UK rebrands as Luxinar

Rofin-Sinar UK rebranded as Luxinar Ltd., marking a new chapter in the company’s 20-year history. The move will allow the company to further strengthen its portfolio of sealed CO2 lasers and its new 100-W femtosecond laser, as well as maintain the company’s growth. Luxinar will continue to operate from its purpose-built manufacturing facility the United… Continued

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