Drawing on the expertise of Techgen Media, publisher of FAB Shop Magazine Direct and Welding Productivity, and through collaborations with industry experts, Shop Floor Lasers covers the dynamic world of industrial laser processing, which includes cutting, welding, brazing, 3-D printing and more. To help our readers become more productive and, in turn, more profitable, the team at Shop Floor Lasers strives to educate and inform our readers on the various ways lasers can transform their operations.

November / December 2020

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November / December 2020

The new issue of Shop Floor Lasers is now live. For the last issue of 2020, we cover the latest in laser technology, including automation, to help manufacturers keep up with today’s productivity demands. Automation is also covered in our second feature on tower storage systems. Even shops that might not think they’re big enough for a tower system should consider the benefits to beat out the competition.

Our article on fiber lasers relates how a manufacturer in Iowa diversifies to stay relevant, including making technology investments in new laser cutting equipment. Finally, our piece on a laser hybrid welding system for thick materials explains how it produces consistent weld quality at increased welding speeds.

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Bilsing announces laser cladding service

Bilsing Automation announced the implementation of EHLA, a laser cladding process using high-speed laser metal deposition (LMD) that helps protect components from corrosion and wear. As compared to hard chrome plating, thermal spraying and traditional LMD, EHLA provides an economically feasible and environmentally friendly alternative for coating surfaces in less time. Bilsing has mounted the laser beam… Continued

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