Drawing on the expertise of Techgen Media, publisher of FAB Shop Magazine Direct and Welding Productivity, and through collaborations with industry experts, Shop Floor Lasers covers the dynamic world of industrial laser processing, which includes cutting, welding, brazing, 3-D printing and more. To help our readers become more productive and, in turn, more profitable, the team at Shop Floor Lasers strives to educate and inform our readers on the various ways lasers can transform their operations.

November / December

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November / December

Happy holidays from the team at Shop Floor Lasers. As you recover from your turkey and stuffing hangovers, we hope that you take a look at the November/December issue of the magazine, which is now live. In this edition, our team focused on the next phases of industrial laser processing – from robotics to fully automated smart factories, the future is here.

No matter your operational processing needs, be it laser welding, cutting, marking or even additive manufacturing, innovations are constantly being introduced to the marketplace, and we aim to keep you in the know. Don’t hesitate, however, to reach out to us and tell us what you’d like to read about in future issues. We want to be sure we’re publishing on what matters to you most.

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Optomec introduces laser deposition head

Optomec Inc.’s LDH 3.X laser deposition head has a variable optics system that can create three discreet focused spot sizes to accommodate changes in laser power.  The head supports a range of laser powers from 500 W to 3 kW to ensure optimal DED processing across a range of parts and applications. The range of… Continued

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