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March / April 2019

Current Issue

March / April 2019

The team at Shop Floor Lasers is proud to announce that the March/April issue is now live. For readers considering capitol investments, the issue is full of information and advice. In the case of automation, we included an article that reveals it’s never too late to invest in systems like the material handling tower featured on the cover. Similarly, there’s an article for tube and pipe fabricators that are considering a new laser cutting system.   

In this issue, there’s also an article about fume extraction and the comprehensive systems that are available. To round out the issue, there’s a case study on a successful implementation of Industry 4.0 standards as well as another one focused on laser/punch combo equipment. If there’s anything you’d like to see in future issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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Polaris adds laser wobble technology

Laser wobble has been added to Polaris Motion‘s laser CNC toolbox. The laser wobble technique can improve laser welding, cutting, engraving and marking. By using wobble-based laser welding, a smaller spot size may be selected, which offers higher fluence. The effective size of the liquid weld pool is determined by the wobble dimensions and frequency. This… Continued

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