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May / June 2020

Current Issue

May / June 2020

The team at Shop Floor Lasers is happy to announce that the May/June issue is now live. In it, readers will learn about a fabricator in California that recently made the switch from CO2 to fiber laser technology. Despite the difficult conditions created by the pandemic, the installation went forward and the company is now reaping the benefits of the new investment.

Readers will also find an article about a precision sheet metal manufacturer that produced face shields for local healthcare providers that were having difficulties sourcing protective masks. It’s a feel-good story that we hope you don’t miss. The issue also includes information about a sophisticated parts sorting system that can free a fabricator from the habitual ways of performing tasks in the past. To round things out, there’s an article about quasi continuous wave laser enhancements that are proving useful for automotive manufacturers.

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Mecco acquires Faro Photonics

Mecco acquired Faro Photonics, which designs and manufactures high-precision laser scan heads, Ethernet-based vector controllers and advanced processing software to provide an integrated steering solution for a range of advanced laser applications. Mecco has a well-established relationship with Faro, leveraging Faro’s products in its laser marking, engraving and processing solutions. Faro Photonics has supplied laser… Continued

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