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January / February 2020

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January / February 2020

Happy New Year from the team at Shop Floor Lasers. In this first issue of 2020, our editors explored the maintenance and service options that are available in the modern era of digitization and connectivity. We also got the opportunity to speak with an innovative family that appeared on the popular show, Shark Tank, and are proud to share their story with you – from conception to execution and, finally, to landing a deal.

Additionally, the issue includes an article on a new and improved laser welding process that gives aerospace manufacturers the high-quality results they need. To round things out, we compiled our notes from Fabtech to deliver a roundup of companies that have developed methods for tuning and customizing a laser beam’s characteristics.

Latest News

Optomec introduces laser deposition head

Optomec Inc.’s LDH 3.X laser deposition head has a variable optics system that can create three discreet focused spot sizes to accommodate changes in laser power.  The head supports a range of laser powers from 500 W to 3 kW to ensure optimal DED processing across a range of parts and applications. The range of… Continued

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