Shop Floor Lasers Magazine

Shop Floor Lasers is an e-magazine centered on turnkey laser systems. With an editorial mission to inform executives within fabrication shops, machine shops, stampers, OEMs and metal service centers, Shop Floor Lasers will publish practical, how-to information written by the top laser experts in the industry. This new publication will cover the range of laser-cutting, marking and welding technologies, including CO2, fiber, disk, YAG and diode lasers, plus the software and automation that make them productive.


Ed Huntress, Editor

Ed Huntress has been an editor for metalworking magazines for most of the past 37 years, with stints as marketing manager for two machine tool companies. He’s been part owner of a job shop that was a pioneer in NC turning.

With a South Bend lathe, a mill, and other machines in his home shop, metalworking is in his blood. He built his own racing engines in the early ‘70s. Ed has most of the habits and interests of lifelong manufacturing people, with a twist: Insatiably curious about how things are made, he found his niche in researching and writing about it, which gives him the excuse to endlessly bother people who work in the industry, to see how they do it. Fortunately for him, he’s found many manufacturing people who are generous with their time and open about their experience, which gives him a lot of interesting and useful things to write about.

Ed has been married to his first wife for 40 years. He has one son, 26, who is an econometrics analyst and whom Ed has been unable to help with his math homework for the past ten years. He lives in Metuchen, NJ, on a terminal moraine — the furthest reach of the last continental glacier — which means he lives on top of a pile of rocks.

Abbe Miller, Editor in Chief

Abbe Miller has written for the steel industry since 2006, working for publications like FFJournal, Modern Metals and Shop Floor Laser’s sister publication, Fab Shop Direct. She earned her journalism degree from Columbia College Chicago, focusing her studies on magazine publishing. When she’s not writing about the latest technology advancements in fabricating, she’s taking in the diverse food, music and art scenes in her hometown of Chicago.

Susan Woods, Senior Editor

Susan Woods has been writing about various manufacturing topics since 2003. She has covered a range of topics on machining and fabrication aimed at large manufacturers and small job shops. Susan has a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University and resides in the Chicagoland area with her husband and two children.