Velo3D and Honeywell Aerospace partner on 3-D Printer

Velo3D and Honeywell Aerospace announced a partnership to qualify Velo3D’s Sapphire system as a manufacturing platform for 3-D print production of aircraft components. The system was selected for building highly complex geometries without the requirement of support structures. It will be located in Honeywell Aerospace’s Phoenix facility. The qualification process is underway and is focused on Inconel.… Continued

Trumpf increases in automotive applications

For the third year in a row, Trumpf recorded a rise in revenues from solutions that play a direct role in the production of batteries, electric motors and power electronics for e-mobility. The company has also seen an uptick in inquiries about manufacturing technologies for fuel cells, primarily from automotive suppliers. A quarter of its… Continued

Laser Research Optics’ lenses for steel cutting

Laser Research Optics introduced a line of ZnSe laser focusing lenses that come in various focal lengths for 200-W to 4-kW CO2 cutting lasers processing heavy steel plate. The lenses feature focal lengths from 3 in. to 10 in. in 0.5-in. increments. They are offered with a proprietary Cool-Cut coating that absorbs less than 0.15 percent… Continued

27th Laser workshop in June

The 27th annual Advanced Laser Application Workshop will take place June 2-4, in Plymouth, Mich. ALAW 2020 brings together industry experts, keynote speakers, suppliers and manufacturers to learn about the latest advancements and applications for lasers in automotive, aerospace, agriculture and general fabrication sectors. Experience education sessions from technology demos and open houses hosted by nLight,… Continued

SigmaTek releases software update

SigmaTek Systems LLC’s Version 20 of the SigmaTek suite of software applications includes a variety of new products and modules. The SigmaTek Launcher provides a common, customizable desktop platform from which users can easily access all installed SigmaTek products. It also includes shortcuts to the license manager, database utilities and help resources. The HD SuperNest nesting engine continuously… Continued

OSAI transfers into independent company

Prima Electro S.p.A. announced transfer of ownership to OSAIcnc srl, a fully independent company in charge of OSAI CNC control solutions. As part of this newly formed company, the U.S. operating division OSAI USA is now OSAIcnc North America, which will continue at its Chicopee, Mass location. “We are extremely excited to get back to… Continued

Hypertherm introduces software subscription pricing

Hypertherm Inc. launched subscription pricing for its Design2Fab CAD/CAM sheet metal layout software for use with manual and automated cutting applications. Rather than purchasing the software outright, users can subscribe to the software on a monthly, annual or three-year basis. Subscribers can add or remove users when needed and cancel at any time. Hypertherm is currently… Continued

MC Machinery names distributors, sales rep

MC Machinery Systems Inc. announced Carlson Fabrication Solutions Inc. and Cimarron Industrial Sales as distributors for laser and press brake machinery. Carlson Fabrication’s territory includes Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, part of New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Cimarron Industry’s territory includes Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Western Tennessee. MC Machinery also added Craig Barbeck… Continued

Mazak Optonics hosts Canadian laser event

Mazak Optonics Corp. will host “The Canadian Laser Event” on April 29-30 at the Mazak Canada Technology Centre in Cambridge, Ontario. This two-day event will include live demonstrations on the high-power OptiPlex Fiber 10-kW laser cutting machine along with Mazak machining technologies. There will be seminars on high-performance air cutting, fabrication meets machining and automation… Continued

Ophir offers automated beam monitoring

Ophir Photonics’ BeamWatch Integrated is an automated, non-contact laser measurement system that measures parameters of the focused beam in real-time, including focus spot size, beam caustic and absolute power readings. The system monitors high-power YAG, fiber and diode lasers in the 980-nm to 1,080-nm range. It can accommodate different types of welding heads and includes… Continued

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