January / February 2017

Advanced mobility

A new fiber laser featuring sophisticated automation helps a special-needs conversion vehicle manufacturer get from point A to point B

Cut and punch

Pacific Northwest fabricator takes a big step forward with a laser/punch system from Prima Power

Critical considerations

As fabricators are faced with dozens of OEM fiber laser choices, Cincinnati Inc. lays out essential features to keep in mind

State of software

SecturaSoft’s Pierre Slabber provides insights on the direction fabrication software is taking today and in the near future

Laser reflections

How fiber laser users are successfully processing highly reflective metals

Trending topics

As 2017 lifts off, the industrial laser community looks up to Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing and new laser sources

Modern Abrasives and Deburring

MODERN ABRASIVES AND DEBURRING Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to prepping parts in manufacturing facilities. To reduce bottlenecks and quickly move to the next stage of the fabricating process, capitalizing on modern abrasives and deburring equipment is key. MAD delivers on the strategies that work.