January / February 2018

Key insights

When fabricators take advantage of KPIs to verify machine operation, overall production benefits

Step up to the plate

When cutting thick metals, fiber lasers are the new MVP

Advanced air

Bringing smart air quality control to laser cutting operation

Automated nesting

How upgrading CAM software saved a major semi-truck manufacturer and a steel fabricator upwards of $1 million each

Machine of the Month – LVD Strippit’s Electra FL 3015

LVD Strippit’s Electra FL 3015 fiber laser cutting machine is now offered with an 8-kW power source. The Electra 8-kW can maintain 2G acceleration speed while cutting, producing quality cuts in simple to complex configurations. The machine also features a new cutting head, new “smooth lead-in” feature, advanced drive system and the latest generation of LVD’s… Continued