May 2011

Products Always Improving

Some might say that sawing doesn’t exactly move at the “speed of light” compared to other fields in the fabrication industry. Regardless of whether this is true, it’s certainly clear that it doesn’t sit at a standstill, either.

Software: Making a Difference in Machine Performance

When a new piece of equipment is acquired, a company often has the choice of either purchasing it with the software that’s recommended by the seller or buying a third-party package that possibly could be a better choice. But which is the better way to go?

Part II of CO2 Lasers: Still in the Game

In last month’s issue, eFab Shop Magazine reviewed new developments in CO2 laser technology from five different companies – Amada America, Prima Finn-Power, Bystronic, TRUMPF and MC Machinery Systems. This month, we’ll bring you the latest from four more: Cincinnati, Ermak USA, LVD Strippit and Mazak Optonics Corp.