November / December 2018

Machine of the month – Messer Cutting Systems’ MetalMaster Xcel

Messer Cutting Systems’ MetalMaster Xcel Messer Cutting Systems has designed a combination plasma/fiber laser cutting machine with a multi-tool capacity and industry-leading traverse speed of 3,000 ipm. The machine is noted for its ability to make smoother, swifter transitions from one pierce point to the next, creating a more efficient and economical cutting scenario. The… Continued

Shedding Light

Acquiring a new ERP system and fiber laser cutter while also removing dark, dirty racking reveals a bright future for one food equipment manufacturer

Power Plays

Red laser beams light effect on black background photo.

Laser manufacturers offer more kilowatts to meet today’s industry demands for speed and power

Fast times

A supply chain solutions provider invests in a 12-kW fiber laser cutter because every minute counts in the fab shop

Harnessing Power

With the advent of fiber lasers and increases in laser power, OEMs build their machines with high dynamics in mind