September / October 2016

Quality edge

New technologies achieve superior laser cutting edge quality, eliminating secondary operations

Tower of power

How the biggest supplier of pharmacy merchandising display systems got even bigger with a pair of CO2 lasers and a sky-high material handling tower

Everyday tubes

Realizing the potential of tube laser cutting, fabricators gain versatility in design and production

Grade A engraving

Application focused DPSS laser outshines industry favorite fiber laser counterpart when marking components

Tube and Pipe Magazine – October 2016 Issue

Tube and Pipe Magazine is a special edition insert that will be published in select issues of FAB Shop Magazine Direct, Shop Floor Lasers, and Welding Productivity. Each issue will take an indepth look at the technology used in the pipe and tube industry to more efficiently cut, bend, fold, weld and perform the myriad… Continued

Fabtech 2016 Show Preview

Fabtech arrives in Las Vegas on Nov. 16 and will serve as North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event through Nov. 18. This year, the event will bring in more than 1,300 exhibitors and 28,000 attendees thanks to its reputation as the premier convention for showcasing new technology, equipment and knowledge emerging in the fabrication industry. Visitors come to meet with world-class suppliers, to see the… Continued