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Machine of the month – Tsugami SS207-5AX LaserSwiss

The Tsugami SS207-5AX LaserSwiss combines Swiss-style machining with laser cutting and laser welding on one machine with a single operating platform. Since both laser heads are fully integrated into a 20-mm 7-axis CNC lathe, operators can program and run all laser operations from the machine’s 31i-B5 Fanuc control. Using the laser is as simple as programming an end mill.

Machine Advantages:

  • The machine includes B-axis control and a modular tool zone.
  • Its B-axis swiveling tool spindle can machine virtually any angle, and its B-axis Live Tools (three in the front and three in the rear) can create sculpted shapes. B-axis control also enables thread whirling or hobbing without dedicated attachments.
  • In addition to laser cutting and laser welding, operators can use the 33 tool positions to turn, thread, tap, mill, gun drill and thread whirl.
  • The LaserSwiss is available in seven different 20-mm and 32-mm models and all can be converted to chucker mode in minutes with the addition of an optional chucker kit.
  • The machine also features simultaneous 5-axis machining with CAD/CAM.