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Machine of the Month

DMG Mori LaserTec 40 Shape

The DMG Mori LaserTec 40 Shape machine from the LaserTec Shape Series uses 6-axis technology to manufacture complex and filigree 3-D molds for tool and mold construction. The most fine shapes, cavities, 3D-laser engravings and complex parts can be made with highest quality and efficient machining processes. The LaserTec 40 Shape features the best-fit laser source for every application – a fiber laser with 20, 50 and 100 W, a vanadate laser with 12 W, and a picosecond laser with 25 and 50 W.

Machine advantages:

  • Machining of pressing dies, pressing tools and injection molds as well as letterings and engravings via laser ablation (Shape-technology)
  • The best-fit laser source for every application
  • Scanning field: 2.4 in. by 2.4 in., 0.001-in. laser spot
  • High-resolution camera system for automatic fine adjustment of the workpiece
  • Machinability of vertical walls due to 6-axis technology (depending on the material)
  • LaserSoft 3D with DMG Ergoline Control – panel and special software options, such as engraving, contour lasering, grey-scale bitmaps and cylinder machining

DMG Mori