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Machine of the Month – LVD Strippit’s Electra FL 3015

LVD Strippit’s Electra FL 3015 fiber laser cutting machine is now offered with an 8-kW power source. The Electra 8-kW can maintain 2G acceleration speed while cutting, producing quality cuts in simple to complex configurations. The machine also features a new cutting head, new “smooth lead-in” feature, advanced drive system and the latest generation of LVD’s Touch-L touchscreen control.

The 8-kW Electra provides low running costs due to a high conversion ratio of up to 40 percent wall plug efficiency, no laser gas and simple beam delivery to the cutting lens. Electra is equipped with an advanced cutting head featuring automated adjustment of focus position and focus diameter (zoom focus). Zoom focus control can significantly improve piercing times, cutting speeds and cut performance in all material types and thicknesses, increase throughput and reduce the need for operator intervention.

Machine advantages:

• Versatile material capabilities allow for accurate processing of traditional sheet metal materials, such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum as well as non-ferrous materials, including copper and brass
• The Touch-L touchscreen graphical user interface allows any level of user to interact with the machine.
• LVD’s optional CADMan software package offers the ideal solution to quickly prepare and execute offline programs and integrate production processes.
• Electra is equipped with an IPG YLS fiber laser source.
• Electra’s “smooth lead-in” feature ensures a much faster but stable lead-in after fast piercing when cutting thicker material (greater than 1/4 in., 6 mm) with Nitrogen, resulting in an average gain of up to 15 percent on part cutting times.
• Can be equipped with an automated load/unload system or a compact tower featuring four, six or 10 pallets. Users are granted full capabilities for loading, unloading and storage of raw materials and finished parts, enabling automated production from stored raw materials to stacked finished parts.