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Machine of the month – Messer Cutting Systems’ MetalMaster Xcel

Messer Cutting Systems’ MetalMaster Xcel

Messer Cutting Systems has designed a combination plasma/fiber laser cutting machine with a multi-tool capacity and industry-leading traverse speed of 3,000 ipm. The machine is noted for its ability to make smoother, swifter transitions from one pierce point to the next, creating a more efficient and economical cutting scenario. The Xcel is considered a two-for-one machine as it can be equipped with one plasma and one fiber laser head. However, it can also be fitted with two plasma heads, one of which can be a bevel head, or two fiber laser heads up to 8 kW.

Xcel advantages:

  • Can be equipped with options shuttle table with incorporated servo drives on transfer and elevator stations.
  • Equipped with the feature rich “Global Control Plus” CNC touchscreen, which is easy to learn and makes operators experts.
  • Rugged construction and proven technology leads to long-term durability.