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Machine of the month- Prima Power Laserdyne’s 811

Today’s challenging laser welding, cutting and drilling applications require speed and precision, which is what Prima Power Laserdyne has delivered in a single machine – the Laserdyne 811. An advanced laser processing system, the 811 supports small to medium 2-D and 3-D parts processing by utilizing a moving beam motion system.

The Laserdyne 811 is built to run at high speed, but does not sacrifice on accuracy. It also boasts being the first and only standard-built multi-axis laser system that can guarantee volumetric accuracy while offering seamless integration with many automation solutions. Users experience shorter cycle times and higher overall equipment efficiency due to reduced downtime and maintenance.

Laserdyne 811 Advantages:

  • Accepts a variety of industrial lasers for processing common materials and specialized metals
  • Is available as a turnkey system that offers efficient use of floor space
  • Designed to build quality parts, the machine runs repeatedly and consistently
  • Additional available options include rotary and rotary-tilt tables, SmartShield welding nozzles, a high-resolution digital camera and built-in power meter
  • Available in 3- to 7-axes configurations



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