Lincoln Electric offers CNC plasma cutting machine

Lincoln Electric added the Torchmate 4510 CNC plasma cutting table to its 4000 series product line. The table is expanded to a 5-ft.-by-10-ft. configuration. The machine includes FlexCut plasma cutters, reliable motion controls, an easy-to-use touchscreen and user-friendly Torchmate CAD software. The machine is delivered fully assembled, allowing it to be ready to cut within 30 min.… Continued

Tormach launches plasma cutting table

Tormach Inc. offers the 1300PL CNC plasma cutting table with travels of 50 in. in the X-axis, 51.5 in. in the Y-axis and 3.9 in. in the Z-axis. It can accommodate 4-ft.-by-4-ft.  sheets and comes standard with user-friendly PathPilot control software, a floating head with digital torch height control, a standard breakaway torch with collision… Continued

Mazak Optonics releases fiber laser

Mazak Optonics Corp.’s OptiPlex Nexus 3015 Fiber S7 is available in a 7-kW configuration. The variable beam parameter product (V-BPP) technology better controls the laser beam. It enables users to select from highintensity, small spot size beams to large, donut-shaped beams. Beam shaping technology delivers optimal thick and thin metal cutting, higher cutting speed, superior… Continued

GMTA represents Stiefelmayer lasers

German Machine Tools of America (GMTA) is representing Stiefelmayer’s line of laser machines in North America. Stiefelmayer offers lasers for various cutting applications, including motor laminations, plus laser hardening. The lasers are well adapted to cutting precision shapes in thin substrates, including mild steel, stainless, copper and brass. According to GMTA President Walter Friedrich, the… Continued

Eagle Fiber Laser released a 20-kW fiber laser ready for 24/7 operation. The machine works well on thick as well as thin materials. “We’re cutting 3/4-in. steel at 120 to 160 ipm, which is crazy fast – faster than most plasma cutters,” said Chip Burnham, CEO and co-founder of Fairmont Machinery, North American dealer for… Continued

LVD North America’s large-format laser cutter

LVD North America launched the Taurus FL, a large-format, gantry-style fiber laser cutting machine. With a modular design, the machine size starts at a 39-ft. bed length and can be expanded in increments of 6.5 ft. to a maximum bed length of 131 ft. The laser cutter offers the flexibility to process extra-large sheets or… Continued

Bystronic introduces 15-kW fiber

With Bystronic Inc.’s 15-kW power, the cutting speed of the ByStar fiber laser cutter increases by up to 50 percent when cutting with nitrogen compared to a 10-kW laser source. The 15-kW laser output also enables extended applications in stainless steel and aluminum up to 1.5 in. thick. The SSC cutting head offers maximum precision… Continued

Mazak Optonics announces promotion

Mazak Optonics Corp. promoted Luke Surratt to general manager of customer service. Surratt will be responsible for managing all aspects of customer support, service and installations. He has been with the company since 2002, growing through many roles. “Customer service is the reputation of a company,” Surratt stated. “Mazak has a strong reputation for helping… Continued

SuperFlash LLC launched a new subsidiary.

LaserCore offers nozzles, ceramics and holders for laser cutting. Providing high-quality products and customer service with low cost will allow distributors to offer major fiber and CO2 laser cutting consumables to their customers at a good price with good quality. Offerings include everything from nozzles engineered to ensure geometric tolerances to provide improved gas flow… Continued

LVD changes strippit name

LVD announces LVD North America, the new trade name for the sales and service division of Strippit, Inc. for the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Effective immediately, the LVD North America trade name replaces the LVD Strippit brand and reflects alignment with the broader LVD Group organization. As the brand progressed over nearly a quarter of… Continued

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