ScanLab’s measuring system corrects laser machining deviations

ScanLab GmbH announced it is supplying the core component for a new machine concept of stoba Customized Machinery for laser drilling in the micrometer range. The processing machine integrates the 5-axis precSYS microprocessing system with a femtosecond laser and optical measurement for automatic correction of drilling results. The stoba measuring system can inspect drill holes… Continued

Prima Power Laserdyne donates microscope

Prima Power Laserdyne recently presented a Zeiss high-resolution microscope to Anoka Technical College’s welding program as the college expands its robotic and laser welding program. Using the microscope will enable the college instructors to enhance the welding skills and understanding of the process at the metallurgical level. The microscope enables students to closely examine internal… Continued

Harris Products offers gas data tracking capabilities

Harris Products Group introduced DataSmart, a fully automatic switchover manifold system with monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities that can control and maximize gas use and expenses. It provides users with data and analytical insights to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. The system is for a range of gas and pressures to suit a range of… Continued

Ophir’s beam system measures laser parameters

The BeamWatch Integrated 500 industrial beam characterization system from Ophir is a fully automated, non-contact laser measurement system for automotive and battery welding applications. It works with single-mode lasers using long focal lengths, up to 500 mm from focal point to power meter. The system integrates beam profiling and power measurements into a compact device… Continued

New beam coping machine from HGG

HGG Group’s new RPC 1200 Mk3 beam coping machine has the capability to profile structural beams, angle bars, channels, square tubes, plates, T-bars and bulbs, and to cut and profile pipes. The machine provides fabricators an “all-in-one” 3-D plasma cutting robotic solution. It combines unique electronic measuring devices that compare the actual outside shape and… Continued

LVD introduces tube laser cutting machine

LVD Co.’s TL 8525 tube laser cutting machine has a 27.8-ft. infeed length and can process tubes up to 9.8 in., round or square. Standard features include a 45-degree, 3-D tilt-axis cutting head for beveling; a 6-position front loader; and an X-axis cutting head range of 3.9 ft. to maximize material usage. A substantial Z-axis… Continued

LVD launches online resource center

LVD Co. announced its Resource Center, a new online portal offering fabricators 24/7 access to information on new sheet metalworking equipment, industry trends, ideas and strategies to advance their business. Within the resource center, visitors can gain perspective on the current state of metalworking from LVD technical experts, discover how to address fabrication challenges, and… Continued

BLM Group adds 10-kW capability

BLM Group USA added a 10-kW fiber laser source option to its LS5 and LC5 flat sheet laser cutters. These machines can cut a variety of metal sheets from 0.039 in. to 1.37 in. thick, or even double sheets depending on the material. Users can specify the power level from 2 kW to 10 kW.… Continued

Hypertherm updates nesting software

Hypertherm Inc. announced minor updates to its ProNest 2021 CAD/CAM nesting software. New features include Undo and Redo, which makes it possible to step backward or forward as the user completes actions on the nest. The Drag Leads feature allows programmers to drag a lead-in or lead-out to quickly change the size or angle of… Continued

Hypertherm’s Couch retires from board

Hypertherm Inc. announced the transition of board chair from founder Dick Couch (left) to Richard Lettieri. Lettieri has served as a board member for 34 years, including seven years as the board’s lead director. Executive leadership of the company remains unchanged under Evan Smith, president and CEO. Couch, now chair emeritus, remains trustee of the… Continued

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