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Fabtech 2019 Products

North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, laser cutting, welding and finishing event, Fabtech 2019 heads to McCormick Place in Chicago, Nov. 11-14, 2019.

North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, laser cutting, welding and finishing event, Fabtech 2019 heads to McCormick Place in Chicago, Nov. 11-14, 2019. The event is expected to attract more than 48,000 attendees and more than 1,700 exhibiting companies. Fabtech visitors can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all of their industry needs. The event also provides educational sessions and expert-led presentations. Some of the trending topics important to attendees and exhibitors alike that the Fabtech organization intends to cover include additive manufacturing, robotics and industrial automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), tariffs and workforce development.


Fiber lasers


Amada America Inc. will debut the latest advances in fiber laser cutting, bending and bending automation. Making their North American debut, the Ventis 3015 AJ fiber laser cutting system and a new linear fiber laser cutting system will be ceremonially unveiled at the show. The Ensis 3015 + AMS 3015 CL 9-kW fiber laser cutting system with material automation system will also be shown. Ensis technology provides continuous processing of thin materials and thick plate without a cutting lens change or manual setup.

Amada America Inc.

Booth No. A2103



12-kW laser

Bystronic Inc. will present new high-performance cutting, bending, automation and software solutions. The ByStar Fiber Laser 3015 with 12-kW laser power offers an expanded spectrum of cutting applications for good speed and cutting quality from thin sheet to thick plate edge. It will be shown with BySort, a solution available on the new ByTrans Cross modular material handling system that fully automates the parts sorting. Also shown will be the next generation BySmart Fiber 3015 with 6 kW and ByTrans Extended compact material handling system.

Bystronic Inc.

Booth No. A2122



Fiber laser features

Trumpf Inc. will showcase the TruLaser 5030 fiber with new features for higher productivity to go along with the machine’s 10-kW TruDisk laser. The new Active Speed Control feature enables the system to look straight through the nozzle right at the cutting zone, monitoring it in real time, autonomously controlling the feed rate of the machine. Smart Nozzle Automation with the new QuickSwap feature will also be demonstrated on the machine. QuickSwap allows operators to replenish nozzles during the cutting process without interruption via a drawer.

Trumpf Inc.

Booth No. A2904



Laser welding

Coherent Inc.’s ExactWeld 230 is a turnkey solution for automated, precision laser welding of metal parts. It includes a 200-W fiber laser, part clamping, up to four axes, user friendly software, an optional vision system and factory automation capabilities. These features combine to maximize weld quality and increase production yields, process consistency and operator productivity. The laser solution also incorporates SmartWeld technology for producing complex “beam wobble” patterns, including circular and zigzag paths. SmartWeld enables bridging of larger gaps, which relaxes tolerances and increases process flexibility.

Coherent Inc.

Booth No. A5906



Plasma cutting

Hypertherm Inc. will highlight X-Definition plasma cutting technology, waterjet technology and new versions of ProNest and Robotmaster software. In addition, the company will provide live demonstrations of its Powermax air plasma and showcase its extensive lineup of specialty torches and consumables. Hypertherm’s X-Definition class plasma combines engineering advances and refined high-definition plasma processes to deliver unmatched plasma cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The company’s HyPrecision Predictive waterjet pump includes technology that provides warning of upcoming maintenance needs.

Hypertherm Inc.

Booth No. A4912



Fiber lasers

Mazak Optonics Corp. will show the Optiplex 3015 Fiber III 10 kW and the Optiplex 3015 DDL 6 kW with fully automated parts sorting solution. The Fiber III offers increased cut speeds for greater throughput. The machine utilizes the PreviewG Control and higher performance digital drive package. This new drive system provides higher productivity through high speed and high accuracy. The PreviewG Control offers a state-of-the-art CPU for unsurpassed operations speed and high-speed machine motion. The machine can utilize high-pressure shop air cutting to reduce the cost per part.

Mazak Optonics Corp.

Booth No. A4202



Tube cutting

BLM Group USA will demonstrate the LT-Free 5-axis laser cutter for 3-D tubes and complex shapes, as well as the LS5 sheet metal cutting system with 8 kW laser. The LT-Free can cut 3-D formed or shaped parts such as bent tubes, hydroformed tubes, welded assemblies, and stamped or flat sheets. This means operations such as cutting, drilling, punching and milling that are typically carried out in sequence on various machines can be performed on a single machine. This eliminates setup time and reduces material handling.


Booth No. D46532



Fiber laser

LVD Strippit’s Electra FL 3015 10-kW fiber laser cutting machine provides high-speed cutting when processing ferrous and nonferrous materials in plate thicknesses up to 1.25 in. The cutter features a welded steel monoframe construction that provides stiffness and weighs 33,000 lbs. As a result, it can maintain an acceleration of 2G during cutting without sacrificing part accuracy. The machine can nitrogen cut 5/16-in. steel three times as fast as a 6-kW fiber laser. High-speed cutting is coupled with new nozzle technology that reduces nitrogen consumption.

LVD Strippit

Booth No. A2140



Plasma cutting

Soitaab USA Inc. will introduce Omniatech for heavy plate fabrication. Market trends are pushing development of multi-purpose machines that integrate many technologies on a single platform, and the Omniatech meets this all-in-one approach. By seamlessly integrating all of the fabrication processes into a single unified system, the system delivers the ability to cut, drill, thread, surface and hole mill, countersink, and mark with a range of options in a single machine. The multi-process fabrication system has sophisticated CNC controls and software and is operator friendly.

Soitaab USA Inc.

Booth No. A4175



Welding products

IPG Photonics Inc. will have several products including the LDD 700 weld monitoring solution that provides more than 20 different data points designed to reduce costs and improve weld quality in real time. The Adjustable Mode Beam and High Peak Power solutions for cutting more efficiently and reducing welding spatter will also be shown. Several laser systems will be on hand and live demonstrations will be running throughout the show. IPG will share its booth with recent acquisition robotic solutions provider Genesis Systems.

IPG Photonics Inc.

Booth No. B19038



Fiber laser

Murata Machinery USA Inc. will showcase high-speed, ultra-precise processing fabrication machines, including the LS3015GC 8-kW fiber laser, the Motorum M2044TS-S turret punch press and the RL1212, Murata’s latest in robotic loading and unloading technology. The fiber laser provides high-efficiency, ultra-precise cutting with a compact footprint and high-rigidity frame. The punch press is one of the company’s highest-rated 22-ton, spring-style punch presses. It features the latest servo ram drive design for simple and reliable processing. The punch press will also feature a live demo of the robotic load/unload system.

Murata Machinery USA Inc.

Booth No. A4901



Protective covers

Richardson Electronics Ltd. will feature its RLT130/30D5THP protective windows for use on Trumpf high-power fiber lasers of 8 kW and up. High-quality window covers are essential to providing the necessary protection for fiber laser focusing lenses, while providing maximum laser power transfer to the work surface. The covers are made from Viosil quartz glass substrate, a pure synthetic silica glass that is highly transparent with excellent optical properties. The surfaces are mechanically polished with a thickness tolerance of ±0.2 mm. The edges are ground to the specified diameter with a tolerance of +0/-0.2mm

Richardson Electronics Ltd.

Booth No. A3518



Laser head

Laser Mechanisms Inc.’s new FiberWeld DH is a high-power, laser wire direct energy deposition (DED) head for processing macro-scale industrial and aerospace components and tooling. Engineered for high duty cycle production applications, the head features direct-cooled reflective optics, back reflection protection and wire feed. The head’s advanced optical design permits filler wire to be fed directly into the beam path, right into the center of the melt pool. This allows the deposition process to have total directional independence. In addition, the head’s protective cover glass extends the life of internal optics.

Laser Mechanisms Inc.

Booth No. A3364



Pipe cutting

HGG will showcase the ProCutter 600 and 900. Both machines are available with oxyfuel, plasma, marking and CAM interfaces. They lower fitting and welding costs and provide full penetration welds. The SPC 500-1200 chuck-type stationary pipe cutting machines process and cut a variety of materials, sizes and wall thicknesses, making them suitable for all kinds of applications. They are also available with oxyfuel, plasma, marking and CAD/CAM interfaces, providing savings on welding and fitting costs, optimum operator safety, ease of use and CAD-to-machine efficiency.


Booth No. B29094



Fiber laser

MC Machinery Systems Inc. will exhibit new automation and machines, including the Advanced 800 eX-F Series fiber laser with upgraded ASTES4 automation. This fiber laser features key technologies to amplify overall machine sophistication and speed, including the M800 control and Mitsubishi’s all-in-one Zoom Head. The ASTES4’s integrated automated sorting solution allows for less manual loading, unloading and sorting for higher productivity and efficiency.

MC Machinery Systems Inc.

Booth No. A2923



Thermal cutting

Messer Cutting Systems will demonstrate its Omnifab production software with “Machine Insight.” This is a tailor-made solution for order-related production to increase efficiency and it integrates Messer engineering technology into the customer’s workflow from the office to production on the factory floor, typically used in conjunction with material handling. Application engineers will be running two cutting machines and demonstrating the latest in plasma bevel cutting and oxyfuel cutting techniques, including the MetalMaster 2.0, a compact 5-ft.-by-10-ft. unitized cutting machine with a downdraft table.

Messer Cutting Systems

Booth No. A4950



12-kW laser

nLight Inc. will feature its 12-kW Corona CFX-12000, which combines the productivity of high-power fiber lasers with unique beam shaping technology. Users can now take advantage of fast nitrogen or air cutting of stainless steel, aluminum and thin mild steel, as well as achieve CO2 edge quality for thick-plate mild steel. The laser provides high-intensity, small spot-size to larger donut-shaped beams. This single tool enables optimal thick and thin metal processing, superior edge quality and improved piercing times.

nLight Inc.

Booth No. A3550


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