Bandsaw Blunders – How they Cut Blade Life

For long life, make sure your blade tension is right – usually between 25 k.p.s.i. and 32 k.p.s.i. But check with your blade manufacturer to confirm the values for your blades.

Designed for cutting bundles of solids, structurals and tubes, Simonds’ IC Enduro 3, like other blades, requires a rich coolant mix that sticks to the blade.

Laser vs. Waterjet


Technical advances have led to some overlap between these two processes, but the fundamental advantages of each remain intact. This comparison by two experts reviews the basics and updates the range of applications for laser and waterjet.

Hard Cutting

To cut tough exotic metals like Hastelloy, Inconel and others, it takes the correct saw, know how and the right blade.

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