Tuned in

Fiber laser breakthrough enables all-fiber tunable beam quality

The fiber revolution

Continuing on decades of groundbreaking laser innovation, IPG Photonics is once again pioneering the next wave of industrial fiber laser solutions

Eye on improvement

Two companies find they can meet production goals by investing in the right laser and the automation to go with it

Harnessing Power

With the advent of fiber lasers and increases in laser power, OEMs build their machines with high dynamics in mind

Careful capacity

Options are available for improving press brake productivity to keep up with today’s fiber lasers 

Machine of the month – Laser Mechanisms’ FiberCut HR

Laser Mechanisms’ FiberCut HR processing head delivers cutting-edge performance for flatbed systems up to 15+ kW. The cutting head features automatic, programmable focus with 25 mm of travel as well as robust, direct-cooled reflective optics that minimize focus shift. Its fully sealed, purged design minimizes the chance of internal contamination, and additionally, when cover glasses must… Continued

Step up to the plate

When cutting thick metals, fiber lasers are the new MVP

Machine of the Month – LVD Strippit’s Electra FL 3015

LVD Strippit’s Electra FL 3015 fiber laser cutting machine is now offered with an 8-kW power source. The Electra 8-kW can maintain 2G acceleration speed while cutting, producing quality cuts in simple to complex configurations. The machine also features a new cutting head, new “smooth lead-in” feature, advanced drive system and the latest generation of LVD’s… Continued

Green means go

Re-establishing and redesigning a lighting manufacturer’s fabricating operations creates a competitive edge in an up-and-coming industry

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