Laser Welding

Machine of the month- Prima Power Laserdyne’s 811

Today’s challenging laser welding, cutting and drilling applications require speed and precision, which is what Prima Power Laserdyne has delivered in a single machine – the Laserdyne 811. An advanced laser processing system, the 811 supports small to medium 2-D and 3-D parts processing by utilizing a moving beam motion system. The Laserdyne 811 is… Continued

Acing aerospace

Meeting the challenges of new aerospace engine designs with improved titanium and nickel-based alloy laser welding processes

Path to productivity

Process knowledge is key to achieving desired production rates and yields for laser welding, cutting and marking

On the move

To increase business, one laser equipment manufacturer is making all of the right moves

Laser welding today

A switch to laser welding can save time and money while still producing high-quality welds

Meeting of materials

Whether it’s welding thick and thin materials together or welding dissimilar materials, lasers are equipped to tackle the job

Heads up!

Wobble head applications in laser welding aluminum and copper

Stir it up

After years of R&D, the laser welding wobble method is poised to address a range of fabricators’ advanced joining needs

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