Nesting Software

Nesting in 3-D

By optimizing machine functionality for laser tube cutting operations, fabricators save time and money

A cut above

Two industry veterans offer equipment and software advice to help fabricators maximize their profitability

Industrial flow

Optimizing job flow through improvements in cutting, sorting and bending operations

Automated nesting

How upgrading CAM software saved a major semi-truck manufacturer and a steel fabricator upwards of $1 million each

Light speed

Quick-turn laser shops produce quotes in hours and parts in days, but there’s more to the story than speed

State of software

SecturaSoft’s Pierre Slabber provides insights on the direction fabrication software is taking today and in the near future

Heads up

Manufacturers profit from preventing laser head crashes before they occur – instead of responding after they happen

Before You Nest

Integrate CAD/CAM nesting software with an ERP system for improved efficiency

The Cloud Advantage

When fabricators leverage cloud-based technology, costs per part can be significantly reduced

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