Tube And Pipe

Productive power

How to make your photons work smarter, not harder

Tailored for tubes

A tube laser designed for high-speed cutting offers a solution for manufacturers that can’t produce parts fast enough

Green means go

A cannabis harvesting equipment manufacturer sees the light in a combination flat sheet/tube laser

The 3-D advantage

Understanding the features that are most beneficial for processing large material with 3-D tube cutting systems

Tube tales

Four sheet metal fabricators discuss the ins and outs of tube processing on a rotary index laser cutting system

Everyday tubes

Realizing the potential of tube laser cutting, fabricators gain versatility in design and production

Tube and Pipe Magazine – October 2016 Issue

Tube and Pipe Magazine is a special edition insert that will be published in select issues of FAB Shop Magazine Direct, Shop Floor Lasers, and Welding Productivity. Each issue will take an indepth look at the technology used in the pipe and tube industry to more efficiently cut, bend, fold, weld and perform the myriad… Continued

First Mover

At Begneaud Mfg., luck, drive and a passion for cutting-edge equipment continue to inspire success