Waterjet Cutting

New Technologies Push Waterjet Productivity

Despite the economy, waterjet manufacturers have been diligent about updating their technology and introducing new models that include advances resulting in more productivity and efficiency, while also offering less maintenance to lower costs.

Cutting Parts at the Speed of NASCAR

Situated in a refurbished movie theater in Cornelius, N.C., Michael Waltrip Racing (MWR) seems, at first glance, closer to the NASCAR version of a theme park – minus the rides – than a high-tech racing facility.

Restoring Jay Leno’s Car Collection with a Waterjet

Somewhere in Southern California there’s a place where Jay Leno’s collection of cars resides. For many car enthusiasts, having a collection like Leno’s is nirvana. Leno’s collection is eclectic – he has very rare and unique vehicles to ones many collectors might own. It ranges from cars, trucks and motorcycles such as a Dobel steam car along with several Stanley Steamers to a McLaren F1 supercar. Each one is driven, and most go fast.